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March 5, 2007

Yet another blog started…

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snow_drop1.jpgI am very bad at doing this. I start, go manic and then tail off. My last blog was through .mac, which a nice system – but FTP based, which was blocked by my employer. So I would write on the train, going to work – or at work, like now, and I’d have to wait to get home and upload the damn thing there. As you can imagine this took a lot of the spontaneousness out of the whole thing. Result? Died a horrible, if gorgeous Mac, death.

Anyway, Summer is coming to an end here (here being Melbourne, Australia). It’s going to be my first Autumn and full Winter here having come from the UK last August. To be honest I haven’t been that homesick, it being hot, hot, hot. But my mind turns to the fact that at home the days are getting longer and the worst excesses of the Winter are now beginning to subside. I am a fan of Spring, stuff starting to grow, cold bright days, and my birthday.

I guess I’m feeling a bit envious of Summer being only a few months away rather than another year…


Hello world!

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