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March 2, 2010

Google Wave – and the point is?

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So a friend sent me an invite to Google Wave.  I have an admission I am a geek. Truly. I work in the innovative application of technology to learning, research and business processes. I love it. I am at one with the shiny, shiny. even though I should be disappointed by the iPad, I am verging on harassing my Apple guy in Sydney, about when it’s coming out, when I can get one, will it be shiny, you get the idea. Geek.

But, for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would use Google Wave. To be honest I don’t know how anyone actually uses it, like I mean uses it, as in find the ignition for the key. It sits there, looking blank and unattractive, like some vacuous super-model so full of ennui it can barely turn its head, let alone strike up a conversation.

I have some post, on two rather dull extensions, the dullest being a yes/no/maybe poll, it tells me it is installed, but neglects to tell me where I might find this brain haemorraging facile Manichean extension – yes, I know there is a maybe, but maybes are always the reactionary position who doesn’t want to say what they really think.

Anyway back to Google Wave – utterly impossible to use, see no point of using it, and I’m wondering if Google think the same, after all it has been in this restricted release for a long time. A productivity tool, that hinders productivity


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  1. I am tending to agree, with the qualifier that if enough of my colleagues were to get gmail and the whole google box ‘n dice- maybe there’d be enough bods to have a useful work conversation/project with. Which ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, due to out MS culture. And I can’t think of using it for personal stuff. I mean, derr! Facebook, Twitter, my blog with nice design and plenty of photos?!? I think that G wave is almost as good as, say … This strange thing we call a phone call. It’s like G wave, but with audio!! Wow!

    Comment by Sarah Lambert — March 2, 2010 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

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