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July 8, 2010

Productivity iPad

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A sweet little iPad project is about to be kicked off and due to lots of reasons I can’t really go into the project here just yet.  But one thing that has surprised me which I thought would have been a no brainer is productivity tools. Fear not thought I; the iPad is connected to wifi and 3G and the cloud is elastic and lovely and the keyboard on the iPad is so easy to use, to use Google Docs.  Or not. Because it doesn’t work. Neither the iPad application nor the web browsing way in. Horrific. You can just view documents that you have created. You cannot create nor can you edit. I’m not so much of a fan boy to blame Google. Google Docs was there before the Apple iPad. I know that Apple have developed the iworks suite for iPad but the issue that you have to pay for iworks and there is the cloud, and the iPad is the device for the cloud. So ok there is the dawning realisation that if I want productivity tools then I will have to iworks. But problem number two is how the hell do I deploy iworks at an enterprise level, and to be honest the isn’t much information around (in that great way that Apple does the find our Easter Eggs thing). Device management is pretty important and pretty much ignored in organisations especially when it comes to the Mac fleet. But apple’s reliance on iTunes means it is increasingly difficult to control what’s on device. Which brings me back to iworks and productivity. The pilot which began as a leaning study has also now become a study about device management. Let’s see how it goes..


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